Our lab studies prosody. The prosody of an utterance is everything about it that you can change without changing the words in it, e.g. the grouping of the words relative to each other, its intonational contour, or where emphasis is placed… (more)

Principal Investigator: Michael Wagner [CVORCID iD icon

Graduate Students:

Gouming Martens: Project on Intonational Meaning

Sepideh Mortazavinia: Project on even

Liz Smeets: Project on Reconstruction and only

Dan Goodhue (2018) Asking and answering biased polar questions. Doctoral Dissertation, McGill University (co-supervised with Bernhard Schwarz and Luis Alonso-Ovalle)

Oriana Kilbourn (2017). Speech production planning affects variation in external sandhi. Doctoral Dissertation, McGill University. (co-supervised with Morgan Sonderegger)

Alanah McKillen (2016). On the interpretation of reflexive pronouns. Doctoral Dissertation, McGill University. (co-supervised with Bernhard Schwarz).

Jeff Klassen. Ph.D. 2016. (Co-supervised with Lydia White).Second Language Acquisition of Focus Prosody in English and Spanish. Currently lecturing at University of Washington.

Michael Hamilton. Ph.D. 2015. (Co-supervised with Jessica Coon and Alan Bale). Now Mellon postdoctoral fellow at Cornell University.

Jozina vander Klok. Ph.D. 2013. (Supervised by Lisa Travis). Worked in prosodylab on project on prosodic focus marking in French and English.Now sessional lecturer at UBC.

David-Etienne Bouchard. Ph.D. candidate .Supervisor: Bernhard Schwarz MW: Committee Member. Worked in prosodylab on project on clitics in Québec French (co-supervised with Maire Noonan).

Masayuki Gibson Ph.D. 2012. at Cornell University.  Lexical Tone, Intonation, and Their Interaction: A Scopal Theory of Tune Association. Doctoral Dissertation, Cornell University.

Jonathan Howell (2011). Doctoral Dissertation. Cornell University. Advisor: Mats Rooth, MW: Committee Member.

Nikola Predolac (2011). Syntax and Information Structure: Free Constituent Order and Flexible Relative Prominence in Serbian. Doctoral Dissertation, Cornell University. Advisor: Draga Zec MW: Committee.

Hyun-Kyung Hwang (2009): Prosody and WH-Scope in Pitch Accent Languages. Unpublished Ph.D. Thesis. Cornell University. Advisors: Abby Cohn & John Whitman. MW: Committee-Member.

Serena Crivellaro (2008): Investigating Prosody Boundaries. Unpublished Masters Thesis, Cornell University.

Hye-Sook Lee (2008): Pitch Accent and its Interaction with Intonation. Experimental Investigations in North Kyeongsang Korean. Unpublished Ph-D. Thesis, Cornell. Co-supervised with Abby Cohn.



Undergrads and Post-Undergrads:

Hannah Cohen. Honor’s project on dark/light [l]

Thomas Kettig. Lab Manager.

Amanda MacDonnell. Project on referential expressions.

Sarah Mihuc. Project on prosodic boundary strength.

Jordan Pollock. Research Assistant.



Former Postdocs Fellows:

Aron Hirsch. 2017– . SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellow. (co-supervised with Bernhard Schwarz and Luis Alonso-Ovalle)

Michael McAuliffe. 2016– . Postdoctoral Fellow. (co-supervised with Morgan Sonderegger)

Mitcho Erlewine. Postdoctoral Fellow at McGill 2014-2015. (co-supervised with Yosef Grodzinsky and Bernhard Schwarz). Now Assistant Professor at National The Department of English Language & Literature at National University of Singapore.

Margaret Grant. Postdoctoral Fellow at McGill 2014 (co-supervised with Yosef Grodzinsky and Bernhard Schwarz. Now Assistant Professor (limited term) at University of Toronto.

Emily Elfner. SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellow at prosody.lab 2012-2014. Now Banting Postdoctoral Fellow at the First Nations and Endangered Languages Program at UBC.

Jonathan Howell. Postdoctoral Fellow at prosody.lab 2010-2012, as part of the Digging into data project on Harvesting Speech Data Sets on the Web). Now Assistant Professor at Montclair State University.


Former Undergraduate Students:

Aron Hirsch. McGill ’11. Projects on Topicality and Prosodic Disambiguation. Honor’s thesis on prosodic prominence in intransitive clauses. Lab Manager 2011-2012. Now Ph.D. Candidate at MIT.

Elise McClay. Mcgill ’12. Project on Intonational Tunes and work on Mi’gmaq. Lab Manager 2013-2014. Now M.A. Candidate at UBC.

Erin Olson. McGill ’12. Honor’s thesis on speech segmentation and light/dark [l]. Work on Mi’gmaq. Lab Manager 2012-2013. Now Ph.D. Candidate at MIT.

Aleksandra Piwowarek. McGill ’11. Honor’s thesis on Vowel Harmony in Québec French. Went on to Master’s program at University of Saarbrücken.

Rachel Morasse. McGill ’10. Project on Emotive Prosody.

Jonathan Abramsohn (2010). Honor’s thesis on reduction: The word grinder. Went on to do degree in the McGill Music Program.

Kate McCurdy (2009. Honors B.A., McGill): Of focus, reason, and rhyme: the Rhyming Law revisited (One of two mini-theses submitted for the Honor’s BA). Lab manager 2010. Went on to be lab manager in Jesse Snedeker’s lab, and then worked with Shravan Vassishth and Gerrit Kentner at part of a European Master’s on clinical Linguistics.

Steffani Scheer. McGill ’09, project on topicalization. Lab Manager 2009-2010.


Current and Past Collaborators:

Asaf BachrachMara BreenTed Gibson, Nino Grillo, Fatima HamlaouiFlorian JaegerGerrit KentnerChigusa KurumadaAndrea Santi, Mats RoothShravan Vassishth, Duane Watson