Focus, Givenness, Topic: Prosodic effects and interactions with syntax. Class at the Graz summer school on word order and intonation

The Phonology-Syntax Interface. Class co-taught with Caroline Féry at the 2nd Crete Summer School of Linguistics.

Prosody and Incremental Processing. Class taught at the DGFS summer school in Tübingen on Mapping Meaning: Theory – Cognition – Variation, August 15th – 26th, 2016 in Tübingen/Germany. abtract

ETAP 3 .Experimental and Theoretical Advances in Prosody 3: Prosodic  Variability. September 23–25 2011. Co-organized with Duane Watson and Chigusa Kurumada. Special issue of Laboratory Phonology

LaLaLa. Language labs meeting. Join workshop with students from Meghan Clayards‘s Speech Learning Lab, Florian Jaeger‘s HLP lab, Chigusa Kurumada‘s Kinder Lab, Morgan Sonderegger‘s lab, and Michael Wagner‘s prosody.lab.

ETI 3: Prosody and Constituent Structure—McGill, May 2014 Co-organized with Emily Elfner.

Contextual Effects on Prosodic Prominence. Course at EALing 2012. September 14-16 2012.

ETAP 2 .Experimental and Theoretical Advances in Prosody: Prosody and Context. McGill University. September 23–25 2011. Co-organized with Duane Watson and Ted GibsonSpecial issue of Language, Cognition and Neuroscience.

Prosody in the lab. Class taught  at the LSA Institute at the University of Colorado in Boulder. July 7–August 2 2011

Phonology in the 21st Century. Conference in honor of Glyne Piggott. Co-organized with Heather Goad and Keren Rice.

WOMM. Workshop on mixed model regression. May 4 2010. (organized as part of GRIPP, conducted by Florian Jaeger, Peter Graff, Maureen Gillespie)

MOSAIC. Meeting of Semanticists Active in Canada. Montréal, June 1 2010. Co-organized with Junko Shimoyama and others.

ETAP Experimental and Theoretical Advances in Prosody Cornell University. April 11-13 2008. (conference website , program). Co-organized with Duane Watson and Ted Gibson. Papers from the first conference were published in a special issue of the journal Language and Cognitive Processes.

SPINE Syntax and Prosody in the Northeast. Cornell University. May 5 2007