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Earlier this week some of us went to McGill’s gorgeous Gault nature reserve for a language labs lab meeting (lalala). Students from Meghan Clayards‘s Speech Learning Lab, Florian Jaeger‘s HLP lab, Chigusa Kurumada‘s Kinder Lab, Morgan Sonderegger‘s Montreal Language Modeling Lab, and Michael Wagner‘s prosody.lab presented on current projects. [photo: gui garcia] Research presentations: Esteban […]
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a givenness illusion

This paper (which went online at the journal site a year ago) has now officially appeared: Michael Wagner (2012). A givenness illusion. Language and Cognitive Processes 27 (10). 1433–1458 Constituents that encode information that is salient in the discourse or “given” are often prosodically reduced and remain unaccented. What is given and new is usually […]
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prosody.lab and the McGill speech learning lab now share a CFI-funded eye-tracking lab with a sound booth, an eyelink 2000 remote desktop eye-tracker and a positivescience free-view eye-tracker. Check out our short clip from our demonstration at this year’s convocation (this is the first time we used it after our trainging session, so probably we […]
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daniel büring at mcgill

Daniel Büring will be visiting McGill Linguistics this weekend for etap and stay on for a couple of days afterwards, funded by the McGill Syntactic Interfaces Research Group. Here’s the ABC of his visit: A. Invited Talk at ETAP2: Saturday, September 24 9:00-9:30am New Residence, Ballroom B (directions) Daniel Büring: Correspondence at the Syntax–Phonology Interface […]
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The second conference on Experimental and Theoretical Advances in Prosody is taking place this weekend at McGill University. Check out the conference program. If you’d like to participate, please register here.
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etap deadline extended

The etap deadline was extended until June 1st. See the conference website for the call for papers.
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workshop on rhythm in speech and music

The CRLMB and CRMMT are hosting a workshop on rhythm in speech and music at mcgill this week. I’m copying the announcement: CIRMMT Distinguished Lecture by Dr. Ani Patel (co-sponsored by CRLMB) Dr. Ani Patel (The Neurosciences Institute) will give a lecture entitled “Relations between linguistic and nonlinguistic sound systems: Empirical studies,” on April 21st […]
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two talks at mcgill on friday

Two talks on Friday, April 8 2011 at McGill within a block’s distance: Cognitive Brownbag Seminar: Elena Koulaguina & Rushen Shi (Uqam): Abstract rules, exceptions and morphological markings in early language acquisition Time: 11:30-12:30pm Location: S3/4 Stewart Bio Special Edition of the GRIPP reading group: Khalil Iskarous (Fullbright Fellow at CRLMB/Haskins): The Geometry of Statistics […]
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mot program

The program for this year’s MOT in honor of Glyne Pigott is now posted. Registration is now open. Note that if you want to attend the banquet, you’ll have to register by April 18. You’ll find information about accommodation here.
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richard aslin at mcgill

Richard Aslin (University of Rochester, USA) is giving a Hebb Colloquium tomorrow. Time: 3.30pm. Location: Room S1/3 in the Stewart Psychology Building at McGill. The Dynamics of Information Processing in Infants: Eye-tracking and Neuroimaging. Abstract: Infants are capable of rapidly learning the distributional properties of information in a wide variety of domains. This mechanism of […]
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