The WCCFL program has been posted. There’s lots of interesting papers on prosody on the program, including some from McGill: by David-Etienne Bouchard (on clitic in French), Öner Öçelik and Miho Nagai (Syntax-Prosody in Turkish), Hyekyung Hwang, Moti Lieberman, Heather Goad, & Lydia White (on prosodic diambiguation), Walter Pederson (on ‘again’), and yet another one by Heather Goad and Lydia White (on prosodic transfer). There’s also a talk by Nikola Predolac, who is just finishing his thesis at Cornell, on givenness and the scope of focus operators in Serbian. Lots of other interesting prosody stuff on the program, including an invited talk by Duane Watson. Can’t believe I can’t go…

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