What: Group for the discussion of Reference, Information structure, Prosody and Pragmatics (and other things)

When: Gripp is back, this with an interdisciplinary look at models of learning and representation ibphonology. Meghan Clayards and Matt Masapollo are coordinating Gripp this semester. If you’re interested, send an email to any of the organizers.

Where: Rabinovitch 101/Boardroom, located at the Centre for Research on Language, Mind and Brain at 3640 rue de la Montagne.

Readings: Will be sent around by email. Contact one of the organizers to be added to the list.

Organizers: Meghan Clayards, Aparna Nadig, Kris Onishi , Michael Wagner.

During Fall 2011, gripp is being co-organized by Matt Masapollo.

During Fall 2010, gripp was co-organized by Nino Grillo.

Past gripps: We focused on prosody in winter 2009, eye-tracking methodology in fall 2009, statistical methods in winter 2010, information theory in fall 2010, and learning and representation of phonology in fall 2011.