Intonational Bestiary

The intonational bestiary is a current project in our lab on intonational tunes that tries to establish the intonational tunes of English (and, in the long run, maybe of some other languages). The goal is to assemble mini-corpora of utterances collected in controlled contexts, which are annotated in various ways with respect to their intonational tunes.

See the following paper for more information:

Goodhue, Dan, Harrison, Lyana, Su, Y. T. Clementine, and Wagner, Michael (2016). [Toward a bestiary of English intonational tunes. In Hammerly, C. and Prickett, B., editors, Proceedings of the 46th Conference of the North Eastern Linguistic Society (NELS), Concordia University, pages 311–320.

The first such mini-corpus based on these experiments can be explored here.