Participate in a Study

If you’d like to participate in a study in our lab, send an email to prosodylab at gmail dot com.

Prospective Students

Consider applying to prosodylab! We’re looking for students who are interested in experimental research. We have a great set up in our department with two phonetics lab that include to run production, perception, and eye-tracking experiments. There are many other resources around campus and in MontrĂ©al. Any computational and statistics background are a plus. There is an M.A. and a Ph.D. program at McGill Linguistics, you check out the information posted here. There are always often research opportunities for undergraduates at McGill. Just contact me if you’re interested.

Class on Laboratory Linguistics

If you’re a graduate or undergraduate student at McGill (or can cross-register at McGill), consider taking Ling450. Laboratory Linguistics (if you’re an undergraduate) and Testing theories in the lab (if you’re a graduate student).

Prosody in the lab. Class at the 2011 LSA Institute at the University of Colorado in Boulder

Working in the Lab

There are also opportunities to volunteer and work in the lab. Contact me (chael [at] mcgill [dot] ca) to see if there are any opportunities at the moment.