Goodhue & Wagner 2015: Examples

Goodhue, Dan & Michael Wagner (2015). It’s not just what you say, it’s how you say it: Intonation, yes and no. To appear in the proceedings of North Eastern Linguistics Society 45. [15pp]

Sound file for (5)B on p. 3 (also (7)B on p. 4 and (8)B1 on p.5):


Sound file exhibiting “declarative fall intonation” on both no and the following sentence (see p. 8):


Sound file exhibiting “rise fall¬†intonation” on no¬†(“contradiction contour” on the following sentence; see p. 8):


Sound file for (22)B1 on p. 12:


Sound file for (22)B2 on p. 12: