michael wagner

Associate Professor in Experimental Linguistics
Canada Research Chair in Speech and Language Processing
chael mcgill ca


Journal Articles

(in press) Contrastive Topics Decomposed. Submitted to Semantics and Pragmatics. [draft]

(in press) A Givenness Illusion. Submitted to Language and Cognitive Processes. On line since Nov 9 2011: [doi].

2010 Michael Wagner and Katherine McCurdy. Poetic rhyme reflects cross-linguistic differences in information structure. Cognition 117. 166–175. [doi] [preprint] [items]

2010 Mara Breen, Evelina Fedorenko, Michael Wagner and Edward Gibson: Acoustic correlates of information structure. Language and Cognitive Processes25.7. 1044–1098. [doi] [preprint]

2010 Michael Wagner and Duane Watson: Experimental and theoretical advances in prosody: A review. Introduction to special issue of Language and Cognitive Processes. 25.7. 905–945. [doi] .

2010 Prosody and recursion in coordinate structures and beyond. Natural Language and Linguistic Theory. 28: 183–237 [doi] [preprint]

2006 Association by Movement. Evidence from NPI-Licensing. Natural Language Semantics. Natural Language Semantics 14. 297–324. [doi] [preprint]

Short Journal Articles

2007. A note on stress in intransitives in English. Snippets 16. 19–20. [paper]

2008. `And’, `or’, and ∅. Snippets 17. 11–12. [paper]

Book Chapters

(accepted) Phonological Evidence in Syntax. In: Artemis Alexiadou \& Tibor Kiss (eds.): Handbook of Contemporary Syntax. [27pp]

(in press) Focus and Givenness: A Unified Approach. In: Ivona Kučerová and Ad Neeleman: Information Structure. Contrasts and Positions. Cambridge University Press [48pp] [Paper]

2009 Focus, Topic, and Word order: A Compositional View. Alternatives to Cartography. Edited by Jeroen van Craenenbroeck. Berlin/New York: Mouton de Gruyter. 53–86. [Preprint] [doi]

2005. Asymmetries in Prosodic Domain Formation. In: Norvin Richards and Martha Mcginnis (eds.): Perspectives on Phases. Cambridge, MA: MITWPL 49. 329–367. [Paper]

2002 The role of prosody in laryngeal neutralization. In: Aniko Csirmaz, Zhiqiang Li, Andrew Nevins, Olga Vaysman, and Michael Wagner (eds.): Phonological Answers. MIT Working Papers in Linguistics 42. 357–376. [Paper]

Papers in Proceedings

2012 The locality of allomorph selection and production planning. In: A. McKillen & J. Loughran (eds.): Proceedings of the Montreal-Ottawa-Toronto (MOT) Phonology Workshop 2011. Phonology in the 21st Century: In Honour of Glyne Piggott. McGill Working Papers in Linguistics 22(1). [paper]

2011 Michael Wagner. Production planning constraints on allomorphy. Proceedings of the annual conference of Canadian Acoustics Association. [2pp] [paper]

2011 Gorman, Kyle, Jonathan Howell and Michael Wagner. Prosodylab-Aligner: A Tool for Forced Alignment of Laboratory Speech. [2pp] [paper]

2011 Rooth, Mats, Jonathan Howell & Michael Wagner. Harvesting Speech Datasets for Linguistic Research on the Web. White paper to appear in Proceedings of Conference on the Digital Humanties Digging into Data Conference.

2010 Michael Wagner, Mara Breen, Edward Flemming, Stefanie Shattuck-Hufnagel, and Ted Gibson: Prosodic Effects of Discourse Salience and Association with Focus. Speech Prosody, University of Chicago. [4pp] [paper]

2010 Michael Wagner and Serena Crivellaro: Relative Prosodic Boundary Strength and Prior Bias in Disambiguation. Speech Prosody, University of Chicago. [4pp] [paper]

2009 A compositional theory of contrastive topics. Muhammad Abdurrahman and Anisa Schardl and Martin Walkow: Proceedings of NELS 2007. Volume I. GLSA Publications. 415–428. [Paper]

2006 Givenness and Locality. In: M. Gibson & J. Howell (eds.): Proceedings of SALT XVI. Ithaca, NY: CLC Publications. 295–312. [doi]

2005 NPI-Licensing and Focus Movement. In: Effi Georgala and Jonathan Howell (eds.): Proceedings of SALT XV. Ithaca, NY: CLC Publications. [Paper]

2004 Prosody as Diagonalization of Syntax. Evidence from Complex Predicates. In Keir Moulton and Matthew Wolf (eds.): Proceeding of NELS 34. SUNY Stony Brook, 2003. [15pp]

2004 Asymmetries in the Syntax and Prosody of Verb-Intial Interpolated Clauses in German. Proceedings of Console XII 2003, University of Patras, Greece. [15pp.] [Paper]

Manuscripts Published On-Line

2003 (with Florian Jaeger). Association with Focus and Linear Order in German. Available on the Semantics Archive. [Paper]


Note: Some parts of the thesis have been superceded by the paper on Coordinate Structures and the Givenness Paper listed above!

(2005) Prosody and Recursion. Ph.D. Dissertation, Massachusetts Institute of Techonology (Some typos corrected 2007). [Thesis]