The conference will be held at the New Residence at McGill:

New Residence Hall
Level C (two floors down)
Ballroom A & B
3625 Avenue du Parc
Montreal, Quebec
H2X 3P8

Note: As is common in Montréal, the ground floor level in the New Residence is called “RC” (for rez de chaussée), and crucially “1″ is not the level at which you would leave the building. It’s unlikely to lead to confusion since the star next to RC should make it clear that that’s the exit level.

How to get the conference rooms: The New Residence used to be a hotel and is now a residence for McGill undergraduate students. The conference venue is on level C. You can get two level C either by taking an elevator (after you enter the building go straight through the turnstiles or the little door beside them to the elevators) or take the stairs (after entering the building veer to the right and then walk down the escalotors to in the back of the foyer; the escalotors don’t work though).

The talks will be in Ballroom A (on the left) and the posters in Ballroom (on the right). There will be signs pointing in the right direction.


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Walking from the Le Cantlie Hotel to the Conference Venue

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