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prosody.lab and the McGill speech learning lab now share a CFI-funded eye-tracking lab with a sound booth, an eyelink 2000 remote desktop eye-tracker and a positivescience free-view eye-tracker. Check out our short clip from our demonstration at this year’s convocation (this is the first time we used it after our trainging session, so probably we […]
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two conferences in montréal

Exploring the Interfaces I: Word Structure McGill University May 6-8 2012 7th North American Phonology Conference Concordia University May 4-5, 2012
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The second conference on experimental and theoretical advances in prosody is just around the corner. It will take place at the New Residence at McGill from Fri 23-Sun 25. If you plan to attend, please register at the conference website.
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subscribe to prosody.lab by email

if you’d like to get a digest emails with posts to this blog, you can subscribe to it here (or use the link in the sidebar). This is a low traffic blog with prosody-related posts. Some of the information posted here is about local events, and I haven’t figured out how to allow readers who […]
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prosodylab aligner

The Prosodylab-Aligner is a set of Python and shell scripts for performing automated alignment of text to audio of speech using Hidden Markov Models developed in our lab by Kyle Gorman. It is designed to be easy to use as possible, and with laboratory data in mind. While it ships with pre-trained North American English […]
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prosody in the lab

Prosody in the lab is a class that I’m currently teaching at the 2011 LSA Institute at the University of Colorado in Boulder. I’ve posted more information on class website.
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etap deadline extended

The etap deadline was extended until June 1st. See the conference website for the call for papers.
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prosody.lab at cuny

prosody.lab-related posters at cuny: Hyekyung Hwang, Michael Wagner and Karsten Steinhauer: On word order, prosody, and focus. [abstract] Efrat Pauker, Michael Wagner, Meghan Clayards, Hyekyung Hwang, Shari Baum and Karsten Steinhauer: Relative prosodic boundary strength and syntactic ambiguity resolution. [abstract] Andrea Santi, Nino Grillo, Yosef Grodzinsky and Michael Wagner: Planned Production and Self-Paced Reading of […]
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etap 2: Prosody in Context

Experimental and Theoretical Advances in Prosody (ETAP) 2 Prosody in Context Where? McGill University, Montreal When? September 23-25 2011 Contact: Conference Website Deadline for submissions: May 15 2011 Notification of acceptance: June 15 July 15 2011. The second conference on Experimental and Theoretical Advances in Prosody (ETAP) is taking place this coming September 23-25 […]
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Sara Mackenzie Talk

Sara Mackenzie is given a talk tomorrow in our Colloquium Series: Sara Mackenzie (McGill University) Time: 3.30pm Place: Ferrier Building, room 456 Title: Ordering Restrictions in Aymara: the role of contrast and markedness
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