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linguistics olympiad

This year, we are once again organizing a session of the North American Computational Linguistics Olympiad, to be held at McGill on January 31. This is a fun competition that is a great way for us get some high school and cegep students (up to 12th grade) exposed to the field of linguistics. If you […]
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experimental linguistics at mcgill

Note that the deadline for applications to our graduate programs is approaching fast: December 15!. Here’s some information about recent changes in our program. The McGill Graduate Program in Linguistics has recently undergone significant restructuring and expansion, which should make it more appealing to students interested in experimental research. The new Experimental Stream offers a […]
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a givenness illusion

This paper (which went online at the journal site a year ago) has now officially appeared: Michael Wagner (2012). A givenness illusion. Language and Cognitive Processes 27 (10). 1433–1458 Constituents that encode information that is salient in the discourse or “given” are often prosodically reduced and remain unaccented. What is given and new is usually […]
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prosody.lab and the McGill speech learning lab now share a CFI-funded eye-tracking lab with a sound booth, an eyelink 2000 remote desktop eye-tracker and a positivescience free-view eye-tracker. Check out our short clip from our demonstration at this year’s convocation (this is the first time we used it after our trainging session, so probably we […]
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two conferences in montréal

Exploring the Interfaces I: Word Structure McGill University May 6-8 2012 7th North American Phonology Conference Concordia University May 4-5, 2012
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daniel büring at mcgill

Daniel Büring will be visiting McGill Linguistics this weekend for etap and stay on for a couple of days afterwards, funded by the McGill Syntactic Interfaces Research Group. Here’s the ABC of his visit: A. Invited Talk at ETAP2: Saturday, September 24 9:00-9:30am New Residence, Ballroom B (directions) Daniel Büring: Correspondence at the Syntax–Phonology Interface […]
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The second conference on Experimental and Theoretical Advances in Prosody is taking place this weekend at McGill University. Check out the conference program. If you’d like to participate, please register here.
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cataphoric focus marking

Shifting prominence to mark focus requires a linguistic antecedent, so if you say ‘A red apple’, chances are you or someone either said something like ‘green apple’, or there is some other reason why antecedents of this sort are salient, for example, someone might have asked: What kind of apple do you want? Marking focus […]
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The second conference on experimental and theoretical advances in prosody is just around the corner. It will take place at the New Residence at McGill from Fri 23-Sun 25. If you plan to attend, please register at the conference website.
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subscribe to prosody.lab by email

if you’d like to get a digest emails with posts to this blog, you can subscribe to it here (or use the link in the sidebar). This is a low traffic blog with prosody-related posts. Some of the information posted here is about local events, and I haven’t figured out how to allow readers who […]
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