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Prosodylab Aligner Demo Pt 2

Next in our series of tutorial videos is how to use the options available through the Prosodylab Aligner, like using a different phonetic dictionary or training new models. Take a look if you’re interested & want to know more!
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Prosodylab Aligner Demo

For those of you who are interested in using the Prosodylab Aligner and are new to using Unix and/or Terminal on your computer, we’ve started making a series of video tutorials to show you how to use this software on your own. The videos will cover some basics and not-so-basics, from how to run the […]
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Digging into Data

Last week Mats Rooth and I were awarded a Digging into Data grant by the NSF and SSHRC for the project ”Harvesting Speech Datasets for Linguistic Research on the Web ”, which was one out of 8 projects that were funded. We are working on this project together with a Cornell graduate student, Jonathan Howell. […]
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