Prosodylab Aligner Demo

For those of you who are interested in using the Prosodylab Aligner and are new to using Unix and/or Terminal on your computer, we’ve started making a series of video tutorials to show you how to use this software on your own. The videos will cover some basics and not-so-basics, from how to run the Aligner through Terminal to how to clean and prepare your data for training the Aligner on new models.

First in the series is an intro to the Aligner: what is it, what does it do, and how can you run it?

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  1. Pierre Bellicault
    Posted September 24, 2013 at 3:44 pm | Permalink

    I have seen the 2 demos video, and read some info on this web site, I have not yet some comments, but some questions :

    – Do you know if some french people (or canadian speaking french) or Universities have tried to train Prosodylab Aligner with french language ?
    – Is Prosodylab Aligner support alignment task with 1 hour or 90 mn sound files ?
    – Is it possible to get a lay out file format not like a text grid but a simple xml file with time stamp (or time code) hh,mn, sec,cent.sec or (real 25 i/sec at the end if the software could accept video format (but PCM and cent. sec is good for us) ?
    – What we nead : for each word, we need Time in / Time out or Time in +duration.

    I guess that you have understand that I am a member of a french subtitling company, and we need to built a aligner for TV programs sound track. We are specialize in realtime captions for deaf and hard hearing people, and we need to realign captions to repat broadcast of the programs.
    Thanks by advance of your answer, even if you do not do something for us.
    Best regards.

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