prosody.lab and the McGill speech learning lab now share a CFI-funded eye-tracking lab with a sound booth, an eyelink 2000 remote desktop eye-tracker and a positivescience free-view eye-tracker.

Check out our short clip from our demonstration at this year’s convocation (this is the first time we used it after our trainging session, so probably we could have gotten a better track with some more experience):

Congratulations to Elise McClay, Thea Knowles, Erin Olson, and Anna Prokofieva who just finished their B.A. at McGill!

And while we’re at it, also congratulations to four alumni’s from our labs who are now going to graduate school in various Linguistics programs: Eric Doty (now going for a Ph.D. to UPenn), Aron Hirsch (now going for a Ph.D. to MIT), Alex Piwowarek (now going for an M.A. to Saarbrücken, Germany), and Anna Prokofieva (going to do a degree in Computer Science at Columbia).

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